My name Is Jeff McCarthy.  I have lived and worked in Portland, Oregon for over five years now.  I live with my girlfriend Ingrid in the South East part of town.  I work as a chef consultant in a downtown commissary kitchen & event space. I also run an invite only supper club called tentop once a month (ish).) A lot has transpired since I’ve been in this fine city, and most of it is chronicled here in somewhat lurid detail.  If you’ve found your way to, then you are interested generally in food; specifically pastry, gluttonous eating, and dick and fart jokes.  This website has been around awhile now, and has amassed a modest collection of recipes, random ramblings, and has no shortage of self indulgent bullshit.  If you’d like to contact me directly email me at mrjeffmccarthy(at)yahoo(dot)com.  I’d enjoy hearing from you.